Author : Ana Tapia

How to manage stress in everyday life?

Stress accompanies your life and is familiar to you. In your daily life, the tension you often experience is accompanied by impatience and irritability which are expressed, to a greater or lesser extent, in your reaction to the unexpected, setbacks or conflicts.  Your mood changes at the slightest opportunity when plans do not go as […]

5 myths about mourning

“The poet is a pretender Pretends so completely That he even pretends it’s pain The pain he really feels.” Fernando Pessoa What is grief ? Grief is a normal reaction to the loss of someone or something that one considers valuable and that needs to be lived in order to move on with one’s life. […]

I can’t stand it any longer

“I can’t take it anymore!”, shout voices that signal signs of emotional exhaustion congregated in a chorus with states of indifference, apathy, feelings of failure, self-devaluation that create the conditions for a symphony, in several voices, of physical and mental exhaustion, disengagement and personal disconnection. What makes this “I can’t take it anymore” state of […]

Why does it hurt to have hope?

In Clarice Lispector’s short story, “A Hope” is an insect almost without a body, but which has a soul, and therefore needs to be watched over so that it does not disappear, through lack of attention or care, and emerge, at the end of the story, soul and body like a flower that is born. […]

Emotional Intelligence: Myths and Reality

“He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened” Lao-Tsé If you have emotional intelligence, you know yourself well; you easily recognise emotions in yourself and others; you know how to control yourself; you are motivated and strive to improve yourself or get what you want; and you intentionally influence others. But, […]

Give thanks to life!

I give thanks to life and celebrate Simply Flow, as I move my fingers that strum the computer, and try to make music with the loose words that come together in sentences, pretend thoughts and play melodies as I celebrate the 4th year of this blog dedicated to health and wellbeing. Honour life to the […]

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